Maryann Meken-Silvestri

Maryann Meken-Silvestri

Maryann Meken-Silvestri is an award winning fused glass artist who currently operates The Eclectic Glaziery, LLC her studio in Danbury, CT.

A former Public School art teacher, she holds a BS from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut and an MS from Western Connecticut State University. Additionally, intensive study in glass at Hot Glass Horizons in Corning, New York, San Francisco Glassworks II, The Brookfield Craft Center as well as private instruction continues to expand creative possibilities.

“The mystery and challenge of replicating ancient methods of kiln forming glass intrigues me. The use of modern technology to improve upon techniques adapted from the ancients and being able to impart a bit of my own creative force in the process, forms for me, a personal connection to the past that I find to be very exciting.

I find there to be a parallel that exists between life and my artwork. Creating harmony and self-confidence in life requires understanding and nurturing the multitude of connections we come in contact with each day. Creating beautiful work in glass requires the marriage of fragile pieces: Vibrant and graphic, organic and neutral, all bond to form sparkle and strength.”

She has exhibited her work in various galleries, universities, art associations and charity shows in Connecticut. Her work has been included in private collections around the United States and in Europe.

Maryann Meken-Silvestri   Maryann Meken-Silvestri