Sergio Villaschi

Sergio Villaschi

Sergio Villaschi was born in the foothills of the Italian Alps in the middle of beautiful mountain meadows and woods. He moved with his family to Rome where later he practiced pathology as a Professor at the University of Rome. He never forgot the beautiful wood of his childhood and a few years ago he moved from the Eternal City to Warren, a rural town in Connecticut, back from the beauty of classical art and history to the beauty of Nature.

He has always loved to work with wood, the quintessential natural material, and now is finally “turning” it into beautiful and useful objects by combining fine form and utility.

All his objects are hand turned in his small shop using mostly local woods and occasionally exotic woods for accent and decoration. His work is finished with natural and safe oils and waxes.

His goal is to craft useful but beautiful objects, trying to bring out the hidden beauty of wood while creating pleasing forms with finely executed curves and crisp details. His inspiration comes from the classical forms and he strives to obtain useful and decorative objects with pleasing qualities, both visual and tactile. Often he enriches his turnings with earth pigments or simple pyrography designs. Every item is finished with natural and safe oils and waxes.

Sergio Villaschi  Sergio Villaschi