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Roberta Ahuja

Artistically inclined, I enrolled in a ceramics painting class in Sao Paulo, Brazil years ago. In 2003, we moved to Newtown, CT and I got the opportunity to progress beyond painting on bisque.

Ceramics requires dealing with failures and frustrations. I am still learning to respect the limitations of my hands, which like me are imperfect and so cannot produce a perfect piece. I have realized I need to let go and admire what the “fire” (I use an electric kiln) will transform my effort into.

Sometimes, a piece will come out differently from what was in mind, even if beautiful. I love to retry and study what I could do differently next time. Occasionally, I just “forget” about a mishap and revisit the challenge later, with a refreshed perspective and new idea.

What motivates me is the possibility to turn something as basic as clay into something that feels good to touch or pleasing to the eyes.

It is impossible for me to not keep trying new things, whether it is a technique, a glaze or texture, often varying combinations of them. Because of the tendency, it is hard for me to define my body of work.

In my work, the form of the clay pieces does not speak by itself. I look to express myself by how I decorate or draw on it. The combinations of colors I utilize is critical as well. I do not just “dip” an object in glaze. My Latin cultural heritage likes to employ a profusion of colors to distinguish my work.

I am not sure if I have yet to find that insuppressible style or perhaps I will always seek the excitement and pleasure that some from constant experimentation. I am open-minded about the direction my artwork will lead me to.

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