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Maureen Henriques

Maureen has degrees in photography, and graphic design, and has taken metalworking and jewelry classes at Parsons School of Design. Thus, it was only natural, and fitting that she would go into waitressing. It wasn't until she was at a small craft show that she saw lampworked beads, was immediately hooked, and took the plunge into flameworking.

Diving in, Maureen taught herself the basics of beadmaking, and in 1998, took her first class with Kristina Logan (a true master of glass working), which fueled her passion and helped refine her techniques. She has since taken classes with other notable glass artist teachers, such as Nancy Tobey, Joy Munshower, Emilio Santini, Bronwen Heilman, Tatyana Boyarinova.

Maureen has been published in Lark Books, '1000 beads', and in magazines such as Bead and Button, Bead Unique, Beadwork, Lapidary Journal, Stringing, Soda Lime Times, and The Flow.

Today, Maureen is a full time lampworker, and jewelry artist, and teacher, offering classes locally at Brookfield Craft Center, as well as studios around the country. She is also an active advocate for the survival of the rhino and elephant, giving talks to groups and students.

A resident of New Milford, Maureen's work can be found online, at bead and glass shows, and in galleries around the country.

For more information on her work, you can like her facebook page Pumpkin Hill Beads/Maureen Henriques
On Instagram pumpkin hill beads
Maureen also has a page on facebook designated to information on rhino and elephant survival and her bead donations Rhinobeads

Armadillo Cripple Creek Jasper Necklace, $330.
Caldera Jasper Earrings, $98.
Cripple Creek Picture Jasper Earrings, $145.
I Miss The Dessert Cripple Creek Picture Jasper Necklace, $330.
Maureen Henriques, butterfly pin

Butterfly 1

Butterfly 2

Necklace 1

Necklace 2

Necklace 3





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