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Kerri Gaudelli
Emerging Artist

Artist Kerri Gaudelli from New Milford

May 14–June 7, 2015

Gallery 25 and Creative Arts Studio in New Milford is proud to introduce New Milford artist Kerri Gaudelli. Kerri is a recent Master of Fine Art graduate from Western Connecticut State University and will be showing her work as the gallery's first "Emerging Artist." Her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries nationally and internationally. Her exhibit with Gallery 25 will be shown from May 17 to June 7.

During a semester abroad in Florence, Italy in 2009, Kerri discovered a love for perspective and the human perception of space through her study of high renaissance art. Developing an interest in space as both as a place and theory, she uses the scientific method of two-point perspective to explore astrophysical and quantum mechanic theories of space and our universe; further examining our place in the vastness of space and time. Through her drawings, Kerri hopes to learn more about space, time, and humanity´┐Żs fascination with our place in the universe.

On Sunday afternoon May 17 from 2-4, Gallery 25 will host an opening event during which Kerri will give an half hour presentation about her work (beginning at 2 pm). Following the presentation, light refreshments will be served.

The gallery at 25 Church Street continues its "Spring at Last" show to May 30, with new works showing up as the colors of the season emerge. View our calendar to see new classes and programs.



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