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Featured Artist
James Fruit
"Light's Wake"

James Fruit, "Lewdness of St Ursula in Grove of the Voyeurous Beast", 2021, acrylic on canvas, 12" x 12", $1200.

James Fruit, "Blue Lunchbox", 2021, acrylic on canvas, 5" x 5", $600.

James Fruit, "Recognition", 2021, mixed media on canvas, 12" x 12", $800.

James Fruit, "Right", 2020, digital mixed media monoprint on canvas, 12" x 12", $1400.

James Fruit, "Pneumavore", 2020, original photographic monoprint, 8" x 8"

October 1 - 31, 2021

Gallery 25 and Creative Arts Studio is delighted to present a new show "Light's Wake", paintings and mixed media by James Fruit. Just in time for Halloween, his paintings are spooky, fun, and haunting. The Featured Artist Show will run from October 1–31, 2021. The opening reception Saturday October 2, 2021 from 4–7pm.

"I find relief and pleasure in seeing horrifying things trapped safely in works of art," says James Fruit. His subject material is generally just things that scare or stimulate or otherwise bother him. "I pride myself in capturing weird dynamics & unspeakable passions in sensible static compositions that succeed in evocation." Using charcoal and natural pigments in muted classical mineral tints like burnt umber in loud rough shapes, he then allows eruptions of sizzling neon, or the glow of ghostly pastels, and wet sloppy reds & pinks. Utilizing palette knives and sponges and brushes and sometimes adding in his own photography and other media, he creates multiple layers using a wide range of materials. His art generates heat, challenges the conventionally-minded, and is sure to inspire some lively conversations. Connoisseurs of the macabre and gothic, however, are sure to find the works sublime visceral offerings.

After a five-year creative blockage, the time afforded Fruit as a result of COVID lockdown let him embrace new means of expression. He has a Masters in Fine Arts and is an experienced graphic designer and digital artist. He is also a professional audio engineer and recording producer and is the sole proprietor of music & media art project, "Demon Mine" with multiple albums on Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music via Lava Monster Records, all featuring original cover art by the artist.



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