Gallery 25’s Mission

The mission of Gallery 25 is to promote and foster an appreciation of the visual arts, to showcase the work of local artists from New Milford and western Connecticut, to encourage emerging artists, and to provide educational visual arts programs.

About Gallery 25

Gallery 25Sponsored by the New Milford Commission on the Arts, Gallery 25 was founded in 2014 as a cooperative style fine art gallery representing local and regional award-winning artists and artisans. Each artist is carefully screened through a jury process in order to gain membership, guaranteeing the highest quality work for the gallery.

Located in the historic train station in downtown New Milford CT, member-artists each take an active role in the operation of the gallery, including organizing programs and free events such as art lectures and art demonstrations, providing refreshments for receptions, serving on committees, and hosting during gallery hours. Guest artists and/or guest organizations are invited to present programs, teach workshops, and to exhibit.

Visitors are always greeted by a gallery artist-member and may gain knowledge about the works on display directly from an artist.

Gallery 25 and Creative Arts Center is grateful to the Town of New Milford and the New Milford Commission on the Arts for the opportunity to have a community art gallery which is renewing interest and activity in the local art scene.

G25 Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Diane Dubreuil, Director
Maryann Meken-Silvestri, co-Director
Steve Tanenbaum, co-Director

Apply For Membership

Gallery 25 and Creative Arts Studio and the New Milford Commission on the Arts are inclusive. Any local artist actively making art may apply to become a regular exhibiting member. We suggest an interested artist first visit Gallery 25 to learn what the gallery looks like. Applicants must submit digital files that represent the type and quality of work they wish to show. If you meet the gallery’s criteria, you will be invited to an in-person portfolio interview.

Download the application HERE
and email Gallery 25 for current details.